Bás a fhágann chroípian féidir aon duine a leigheas, a fhágann grá i gcuimhne féidir aon duine a ghoid.
Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.

Lorcan D'Eath
I am become death.

Grey Wind

With all of the fear of the morning gone, Lorcan felt himself returning back to normal. Running in the forest did that, alongside his Grey Wind which surprisingly made him winded. Lorcan was a fair runner, good, and fast to be sure. Though Grey Wind was faster. He laughed, seeing Hagrid’s hut on the horizon. All throughout the forest they’d run, not too deep, though. He looked down at his wolf, hand petting his shoulders as he nodded towards the hut. “Final race?” He raised his eyebrows but Grey Wind barked in agreement and started off, “Cheater!” He laughed again and ran after his wolf. Running, and running, nearly tripping and falling down the hill. That’s how it went. Foot matching paws all the way down to the foot where Grey Wind stopped and Lorcan nearly fell over the back of him. He sidestepped quickly, watching Grey Wind sniff the wind before letting out a low growl. “What? What’s it?” He looked around, seeing nothing.